We are thrilled that everyone who wears our handmade artisan jewelry, knows they are getting a unique creation worthy of their magical temple-whether it’s their home or body.
-Jhovanna Nixon
Jeweled-Lotus Owner/Creator

Before I created Jeweled-Lotus, I was on a quest for personal enlightenment, family-balance & stability.

Then one day…

An honest moment happened. I was lost between spiritual attainment, raising a family & self-care but I realized that the simple means of wearing a crystal on my body & focusing on my intentions could affect my entire being over time in positive ways. I realized we could all benefit from the simple means of wearing crystal charged jewelry in a world saturated by pollution to help strengthen our auras.

I was concerned that I wouldn’t know how to communicate the connection between physical wellness & spiritual wisdom through a physical item, such as jewelry, that can enhance a person’s live.

But then…

I realized on a personal level that no matter what we as human-beings go through we always find power within ourselves to overcome our darkest hour and that usually means going back to our spiritual center.

I decided I set out to create the most authentic Jeweled-Lotus jewelry line for the busiest, yet aware & spiritually charged Goddesses in the realm who seek their higher self’s.

It turns out…

The road was more difficult than I imagined. Upon starting to create pieces for the spiritually aware individual, I had to learn as much as I possibly could for one person, and not only learn all the vast knowledge that a spiritual path has to offer, but understand it on a level where I can apply the knowledge to life and to the jewelry I create that can inspire other beings to grow on their path in love, truth & beauty. I took this challenge head on and grew like a lotus in the mud.

Through it all… 

We released our first products and the response has been pure love from those who have previewed our handmade items. I bring you this line, from my heart to yours. May it help to strengthen your aura & personal-power and like a lotus may you bloom beautifully in the midst of any darkness. That is the true gem of life, your inner Jeweled-Lotus.